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Landscaping doesn't have to be scary or complicated. It's really just an issue of answering a few key questions. This is what we'll talk about the design process:

1) What do I want my property to look like? From the curb, from the inside out, etc.

2) How do I plan to use my property? i.e. outdoor recreational spaces, service areas, parking, pathways, kids, pets, etc.

3) What plants will grow well in the areas of my property, i.e. sun/shade, salt, cold, etc.

4) What's my budget? Do I want to phase it and develop my garden over time? What are my priorities?

After we sort these things out, you'll have a plan to move forward. Whether it's a one shot deal, or a map for a lifetime, you'll have a handle on it and a plan to step forward.

Landscaping isn't Hard!

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